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AthletiCo announces team-up with Voit, reveals new items for 2015

Friday, January 23, 2015

Voit, one of the top-selling ball brands in the world, is set to make its presence felt in the Philippines again as AthletiCo announced that it will exclusively distribute Voit products in the local markets.

In AthletiCo's product launch at The Mills Country Club in Calamba City, head Scott Brown formally told the top officials of leading sports stores and selected members of the press that Voit has given AthletiCo exclusive distribution and selling rights.

Voit will now join a family of 12 sporting and fitness brands under the AthletiCo umbrella.

The AthletiCo group includes another ball brand, Striker, which also released its latest products, including a multi-colored basketball and a volleyball made of microfiber.

Racket sport brands Black Knight and Technifibre also announced the release of their latest badminton and tennis rackets.

Also unveiled during the product launch were the latest from fitness gear brand Empower.

The first set of the latest AthletiCo products will be on sale beginning next month.

The whole-day event culminated with a dinner after-party at the Bellevue Grand Ballroom in Muntinlupa City.


My first golf experience

Sunday, January 11, 2015

One of the things I have to realize being a southpaw is that there are some things that are really meant for the orthodox stance, like a golf club. I realized it more when I tried golf for the first time at the Caliraya Springs in Cavinti, Laguna.

Currently being developed further by Sta. Lucia Realty, the place is home to probably one of the only international tournament-worthy golf courses in the Philippines. You will rarely find a complete 18-hole golf course in this basketball-crazy nation. Not to mention that golf is usually stereotyped as a "rich man's sport" (if you know what I mean). So playing golf right at the heart of the Caliraya area is a gem.

For newbies and for those who want to improve their drives, the golf course has a driving range. There, we tried our hand at probably our first golfing experience.
I asked the staff there if there is a driving club for lefties. Unfortunately, there is none (I actually have no idea if there is really a golf club for left-handed people like me). So, no choice.
Stacy Liong/Travel Tripsters
My first try was atrocious (#SouthpawProblems), but eventually I got better drives, including a solid one in the end. Moral of the story: I should improve my right-hand skills.

If you don't have time for golf, the clubhouse also has other sports amenities like a billiards table...
...and two dartboards.
Mini Newbie Gaming: The real jackpot in darts is if you hit the inner arc at the 20-point area,
which will give you 60 points. A bull's eye only counts for 50.
The Caliraya Springs is also home to the Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort, where you can find a "Wipeout"-inspired obstacle course.
For an awesome golfing experience, go to the Caliraya Springs located at the Caliraya Highway, Cavinti, Laguna.

Editor's Note: This is actually part of a tourism awareness campaign called CavEAT or Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour. Here's the complete summary of my CavEAT experience.


Trade Analysis: Boston-Dallas Trade

Saturday, December 20, 2014

From Dallas Mavericks' Facebook page
The hot topic in the NBA overnight right now: Rajon Rondo, the "lone survivor" of the Boston Celtics' 2008 championship team, is gone from Beantown. Rondo and Dwight Powell got traded to the Dallas Mavericks for Jameer Nelson, Jae Crowder, and Brandan Wright. Here are my takes on this sooner-than-expected trade.

Boston Celtics

Some Dallas fans are concerned on the package offered for Rondo. Well, can't blame them. After all, Crowder and Wright played pretty well for the Mavs. Crowder, once touted as the steal of the 2012 Draft after making impressions in the summer league, is expected to provide some stability as a swingman for the rebuilding Celtics, giving current star Jeff Green flexibility on his role and probably some good rest. Wright, as told by the fans, was a solid interior presence off the bench for Dallas. Jameer Nelson, as we all know, was a solid partner of Dwight Howard during the Orlando Magic's 2009 NBA Finals quest.

Dallas Mavericks

While Powell will become Tyson Chandler's new backup, the eyes are on Rajon Rondo. With a starting lineup filled with perimeter players in Monta Ellis, Dirk Nowitzki, and Chandler Parsons, adding Rondo is beneficial to the Mavs. While not known for being a good three-point shooter (25.2% in his career and 25% this season) and even a good free throw shooter (61.4% in his career and only 33.3% this season), Rondo is a pass-first player (8.5 apg in his career and a league-best 10.8 this season) and a triple-double machine (he once led the league in triple-doubles made in a season). You would love seeing Rondo dishing those assists to his outside shooters and setting up the lobs to Tyson Chandler.

Conclusion: Dallas wins this one, but with the fact that the team is part of the Western Conference or what I call the NBA's "group of death", it may not mean an automatic championship with Golden State and Memphis waxing hot and Oklahoma City starting to heat up as well.


Do the Math: Kobe Bryant Edition Version 2.0

Monday, December 15, 2014

Getty Images
Two years ago, I made a blog post regarding the possibilities of Kobe Bryant surpassing Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the NBA scoring list. Now, 2,294 points later, the "Chasing Jordan" mission is complete. Now, let's take another look at Bryant's path to greatness. Can he still overtake Malone and even Abdul-Jabbar in the scoring list with everything that transpired in the past two years?

Bryant now only needs to score 4,619 points to surpass Malone at second and 6,078 to become the NBA's all-time leading scorer. He averages 25.4 points a game this season, good for third below LeBron James (by just 0.1 ppg) and, guess who, James Harden! Again, let's assume he's totally healthy all season (he already suffered leg injuries in the past two years) and no lockout will take place (there were earlier rumors about a lockout with the CBA expiring by 2016).

1. Assuming Kobe opts to play until 2017. That's two more full seasons plus the remainder of the regular season for a total of 222 games. Bryant needs to average 27.4 points a match just for him to do so. In my Kobe 30K Do the Math, I said that he needed to average 21.5 ppg until 2017 to pass the former Lew Alcindor. With the various lower body pains that sidelined him for almost half of the 169 games (80 to be precise) he was supposed to play in that two-year span, I wonder if he can still exert much effort to score at least 27 consistently considering that he has also botched a lot of shots. In earlier's historic match against the Timberwolves, Bryant scored 26 but on 7-of-20 (35%) shooting. Earlier in the season, he also got the "distinction" of being the player with the most number of missed field goals in his career. What more if he will retire in 2016 just as what he may have implied earlier this year?

2. Bryant hinted that he might call it a career after the 2016 season. For him to overtake Kareem at the end of that season, he needs to be like Wilt Chamberlain v. 1.963 and average a whopping 43.4 points per game (Wilt averaged 44.8 in the 1963 season, 5.8 ppg below his career-best 50.4 season average the previous season highlighted by his 100-point game)! That's a way too far cry from his 25.4 ppg season average and even his career average of 25.5. Virtually speaking, with everything I said above, he needs to make most of his shots just to get the 43.4 ppg average. But with the Lakers, currently 8-16, lacking another consistent go-to guy (Nick Young is, after all, Swaggy P literally and figuratively) and might continue to be in rebuilding mode in the near future, Bryant will have to continue taking the lion's share of the Lakers' shots.

3. If Kobe stays until 2018, he has to average 20 ppg to pass Kareem. If Kobe indeed stays for three more seasons after this one, at this rate, it's very plausible. In fact, assuming he's consistent with his career average, he can accomplish it in 239 games or, if he stays injury-free and no lockout takes place, 17 games into the 2018 season (that could happen either late November or early December 2017). The 27.4 ppg until 2017 is actually also plausible provided he exerts a bit more strength.

Forecast: I still believe KAJ will stay on top after Kobe's career comes to an end, but I now highly doubt if he can pass Karl at number 2.


A visit at Peak Form

Friday, December 12, 2014

For a basketball player like me and even at those times when I tried playing ultimate and soccer, I have to run the floor to go for the shots, the steals, and the blocks. But long rests from the game hampered my legs a bit. So I was totally surprised that I found out after a visit to Peak Form that my left upper leg muscles have become tight. With the evolution of the games today, my fear of getting an ACL injury became imminent. Good thing I went to Peak Form.
The therapist at Peak Form told me that after the treatment, which goes beyond a simple massage, my muscles will loosen, and it did!

First up, she used a shockwave machine on me. I thought about having the same treatment on my other leg, but she told me that my right leg is OK. Usually for kidney stones, the shockwave machine can also be used to target the sore muscles. After five minutes, I began to feel the sensation.
Up next is the cryo machine. For 15 minutes, it takes away the pain and the swelling in your muscle.

Then, the therapist performed a laser and ultrasound therapy and some massage on my left leg. After a few more moments, we're done with the therapy. My left leg felt lighter and ready to play basketball again!
Kathy Ngo, a friend of mine, dropped by and told me to check out Peak Form's Rip60 Suspension Cable. The demonstrator told us that it is used for athletes who came from surgeries. I tried it out. It can serve as an alternative to jump training with resistance band on.
Kathy Ngo
So for athletes who want to get relief from injuries, go to the Peak Form sports clinic located at Unit 807 of the Infinity Building, 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

For inquiries, call (02)4789408 or 09163534485 or visit its Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page at @peakformmanila.

PS: I saw in its photo gallery that some Ginebra players went there and gave approval to Peak Form's services.

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