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Slam Dunk-PBA Analogy Part 3: Kainan

Friday, April 20, 2012

Because Jaemark Tordecilla posted a meme from an obvious Talk 'n Text fan saying that his Tropang Texters are the Kainan of the PBA on Tordecilla's's InterAKTV The Fix column, I'm now forced to do the write up for Kainan. The third installment of the series on comparing PBA players and Slam Dunk characters, I'm now presenting my Team Kainan.

PG-Shinichi Maki
PBA Equivalent: Jimmy Alapag (Talk 'n Text)-When you talk about on-court leadership, we should be talking about the Mighty Mouse. Although he doesn't have the physicality Maki brings, Alapag will surely be known for being a great leader. Jimmy became the barometer of point guard greatness when he helped Talk 'n Text to win the 2003 Philippine Cup title, the Tropa's first official PBA title (technically the second if we'll include the 1998 Centennial Cup, which was the first half of the Governors' Cup then). Since then, everybody wants to be like Jimmy. Solomon Mercado of Meralco even told me that he's a fan of Alapag, that's why Sol is wearing number 3. Jimmy was even touted as the best point guard in Asia. If there's one guy that put TNT to the current dynasty they're in, that's Alapag.

SG-Sochiro Jin
PBA Equivalent: Larry Fonacier (Talk 'n Text)-I told you when I discussed my Shohoku team that I'm considering Larry Fonacier for the role of Mitsui. They have the same cases. They're streak-shooters. They both came from torn ACL injury. They got 2nd life after the big setback. But what made me put Fonacier in the Jin role was that like Jin, Fonacier is underrated. Nobody thought that this guy, whose recovery from the torn ACL could have hampered his PBA career big-time, would become an epitome of greatness among the long tom bombers. He steered the old Barako Bull team, now Air21, to a PBA title in 2006 and won the Rookie of the Year plum the same year (despite the fact that he was almost snubbed in the draft). He moved to Alaska (he moved to Petron before playing for the Aces, but he was seldom used), and he gave the Aces their last PBA title under Coach Tim Cone. Now, his deadly sniping helped Talk 'n Text win three PBA titles, even winning the Finals MVP honors in the 2012 Philippine Cup Championship. You're thinking he will be a bust 6 years ago? What were you thinking then?

SF-Nobunaga Kiyota
PBA Equivalent: JC Intal (B-Meg)-I could have placed JC Intal as the Sendoh of the PBA, but I guess he might be fit as Kiyota. Although he doesn't have too much swag unlike Kiyota, Intal somewhat resembles Kainan's ace small forward. Intal has the talent, the hops (we all know that since his high school days in Letran and his Ateneo college days), but above all, he has high respect for his team (even when he was with the old Air21 team now known as Barako Bull and Ginebra), and now that he'll be playing in the Finals on Monday, coach Tim Cone will give JC the quality minutes he needs to give B-Meg championship number 9.

PF-Tadashi Muto
PBA Equivalent: Sean Anthony (Powerade)-So all we have left are two role players to fill in Kainan's starting five. My pick for Kainan's power forward slot is Sean Anthony. He may be too under-the-radar unlike Kelly Williams, Marc Pingris, and Arwind Santos, but this guy contributes when the Tigers needed him. This guy can bang bodies for a rebound, yet can shock you with an outside jumper. I'm pretty sure Bo Perasol will give him more minutes on the court.

C-Kazuma Takasago
PBA Equivalent: James Sena (Air21)-If you're looking for a big man to watch out come the future, consider James Sena. From being a key Heavy Bomber in JRU's 2008 march to the NCAA Finals, Sena has impressed some fantasy experts for his work ethics in his rookie year for the Express. He may not be that explosive as Japeth Aguilar or as powerful inside as an in-prime Asi Taulava (yet), but assuming Jimmy Alapag teams up with him, Sena will deliver for Team Kainan.

6th Man: Yoshinori Miyamasu
PBA Equivalent: Dennis Miranda (Petron)-Even in his days at FEU, Dennis Miranda was that underestimated. "Are you sure he'll gonna deliver?" Miranda's style was kinda raw. He was not good from the outside in college, not even good from the free-throw line (a rarity for guards). The Tamaraws at that time were leaning on their big men (Arwind Santos, Mark Isip, and Gerald Jones) a bit too much, so Denok passing to either of the 3 is expected. But he proved critics wrong. Despite his limitations, Miranda helped the Green and Gold bring home a 3-peat. Miranda was also a factor in Sta. Lucia's last PBA championship in 2008. And just last year, he shocked everyone with his improving game that helped the Blaze Boosters shock Talk 'n Text to "slam the grand slam". So are you sure you want to mess up with Denok?

Head Coach: Riki Takato
PBA Equivalent: Chot Reyes (Talk 'n Text)-I initially planned someone else here, but rereading the manga made me change my pick here. Chot Reyes fits Takato's character here. When everything flows smoothly, Coach Chot will just sit down and let his players do the job, but when the going gets tough, Reyes would join the emotions galore and express his frustrations. Nevertheless, Reyes is a true example of a champion coach, a coach who knows what's going on and how to respond to it. And another thing: like Takato-sensei, Reyes always goes into the game in style. He may not bring a fan in the hardwood, but his wardrobe selection keeps him cool. My previous pick here is another champion coach, Franz Pumaren of Air21.

On the next installment of the Analogy, it's Team Shoyo that I will fill up.

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