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2013 UEFA Champions League Group Stage Schedule

Friday, August 31, 2012

Bracketed in a group that also consists of Juventus, Shakhtar Donetsk, and
Nordsjaelland, all national champs, reigning Champions League winners Chel-
sea are in for a tough ride to a back-to-back.
The UEFA Champions League groupings have been made, and now the matches are to be settled. Here is the complete 2013 UEFA Champions League group stage schedule:

September 19
2:45 AM-Dinamo Zagreb vs. Porto
2:45 AM-Paris St. Germain vs. Dynamo Kiev
2:45 AM-Montpellier vs. Arsenal
2:45 AM-Olympiacos vs. Schalke
2:45 AM-Malaga vs. Zenit St. Petersburg
2:45 AM-AC Milan vs. Anderlecht
2:45 AM-Borussia Dortmund vs. Ajax Amsterdam
2:45 AM-Real Madrid vs. Manchester City

September 20
2:45 AM-Shakhtar Donetsk vs. Nordsjaelland
2:45 AM-Chelsea vs. Juventus
2:45 AM-Lille vs. Barysaw
2:45 AM-Bayern Munich vs. Valencia
2:45 AM-Benfica Lisbon vs. Spartak Moscow
2:45 AM-Celtic vs. Barcelona
2:45 AM-Manchester United vs. Galatasaray
2:45 AM-Braga vs. Cluj

October 3
12:00 AM-Spartak Moscow vs. Celtic
2:45 AM-Cluj vs. Manchester United
2:45 AM-Galatasaray vs. Braga
2:45 AM-Juventus vs. Shakhtar Donetsk
2:45 AM-Nordsjaelland vs. Chelsea
2:45 AM-Valencia vs. Lille
2:45 AM-Barysaw vs. Bayern Munich
2:45 AM-Benfica Lisbon vs. Barcelona

October 4
12:00 AM-Zenit St. Petersburg vs. AC Milan
2:45 AM-Manchester City vs. Borussia Dortmund
2:45 AM-Ajax Amsterdam vs. Real Madrid
2:45 AM-Dynamo Kiev vs. Dinamo Zagreb
2:45 AM-Porto vs. Paris St. Germain
2:45 AM-Schalke vs. Montpellier
2:45 AM-Arsenal vs. Olympiacos
2:45 AM-Anderlecht vs. Malaga

October 24
12:00 AM-Spartak Moscow vs. Benfica
2:45 AM-Barcelona vs. Celtic
2:45 AM-Galatasaray vs. Cluj
2:45 AM-Manchester United vs. Braga
2:45 AM-Nordjaelland vs. Juventus
2:45 AM-Shakhtar Donetsk vs. Chelsea
2:45 AM-Barysaw vs. Valencia
2:45 AM-Lille vs. Bayern Munich

October 25
12:00 AM-Zenit St. Petersburg vs. Anderlecht
2:45 AM-Malaga vs. Milan
2:45 AM-Ajax Amsterdam vs. Manchester City
2:45 AM-Borussia Dortmund vs. Real Madrid
2:45 AM-Porto vs. Dynamo Kiev
2:45 AM-Dinamo Zagreb vs. Paris St. Germain
2:45 AM-Arsenal vs. Schalke
2:45 AM-Montpellier vs. Olympiacos

November 7
3:45 AM-Dynamo Kiev vs. Porto
3:45 AM-Paris St. Germain vs. Dinamo Zagreb
3:45 AM-Schalke vs. Arsenal
3:45 AM-Olympiacos vs. Montpellier
3:45 AM-Anderlecht vs. Zenit St. Petersburg
3:45 AM-AC Milan vs. Malaga
3:45 AM-Manchester City vs. Ajax Amsterdam
3:45 AM-Real Madrid vs. Borussia Dortmund

November 8
3:45 AM-Juventus vs. Nordsjaelland
3:45 AM-Chelsea vs. Shakhtar Donetsk
3:45 AM-Valencia vs. Barysaw
3:45 AM-Bayern Munich vs. Lille
3:45 AM-Benfica Lisbon vs. Spartak Moscow
3:45 AM-Celtic vs. Barcelona
3:45 AM-Cluj vs. Galatasaray
3:45 AM-Braga vs. Manchester United

November 21
1:00 AM-Spartak Moscow vs. Barcelona
3:45 AM-Benfica Lisbon vs. Celtic
3:45 AM-Galatasaray vs. Manchester United
3:45 AM-Cluj vs. Braga
3:45 AM-Nordsjaelland vs. Shakhtar Donetsk
3:45 AM-Juventus vs. Chelsea
3:45 AM-Barysaw vs. Lille
3:45 AM-Valencia vs. Bayern Munich

November 22
1:00 AM-Zenit St. Petersburg vs. Malaga
3:45 AM-Anderlecht vs. AC Milan
3:45 AM-Ajax Amsterdam vs. Borussia Dortmund
3:45 AM-Manchester City vs. Real Madrid
3:45 AM-Porto vs. Dinamo Zagreb
3:45 AM-Dynamo Kiev vs. Paris St. Germain
3:45 AM-Arsenal vs. Montpellier
3:45 AM-Schalke vs. Olympiacos

December 5
3:45 AM-Dinamo Zagreb vs. Dynamo Kiev
3:45 AM-Paris St. Germain vs. Porto
3:45 AM-Montpellier vs. Schalke
3:45 AM-Olympiacos vs. Arsenal
3:45 AM-Malaga vs. Anderlecht
3:45 AM-AC Milan vs. Zenit St. Petersburg
3:45 AM-Borussia Dortmund vs. Manchester City
3:45 AM-Real Madrid vs. Ajax Amsterdam

December 6
3:45 AM-Shakhtar Donetsk vs. Juventus
3:45 AM-Chelsea vs. Nordsjaelland
3:45 AM-Lille vs. Valencia
3:45 AM-Bayern Munich vs. Barysaw
3:45 AM-Barcelona vs. Benfica Lisbon
3:45 AM-Celtic vs. Spartak Moscow
3:45 AM-Manchester United vs. Cluj
3:45 AM-Braga vs. Galatasaray

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