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2013 FilOil Flying V Preseason Premier Cup Schedule

Sunday, April 07, 2013

The college basketball season is just within us, and to give us a prelude to the storm, FilOil and Flying V will once again stage the Preseason Premier Cup starting April 13. The Southwestern University Cobras, the reigning PCCL South Region champs, will grace the event as a guest team even as the Mapua Cardinals, with former PBA superstar Atoy Co leading the way, begged off. Here's the complete Seniors Division fixture.

April 13
2:00 PM-San Beda vs. NU
4:00 PM-UST vs. La Salle
6:00 PM-Ateneo vs. Southwestern

April 17
12:45 PM-JRU vs. San Beda
2:45 PM-UE vs. Southwestern
4:45 PM-San Sebastian vs. Ateneo

April 19
12:45 PM-UPHSD vs. Arellano
2:45 PM-San Beda vs. UP
4:45 PM-Ateneo vs. EAC

April 20
12:00 PM-FEU vs. Adamson
2:00 PM-Southwestern vs. La Salle
4:00 PM-UST vs. Ateneo

April 22
12:45 PM-Southwestern vs. San Sebastian
2:45 PM-Ateneo vs. Letran
4:45 PM-Arellano vs. UP

April 24
12:45 PM-Lyceum vs. Southwestern
2:45 PM-NU vs. CSB
4:45 PM-UE vs. Ateneo

April 26
12:45 PM-Southwestern vs. Letran
2:45 PM-San Sebastian vs. La Salle
4:45 PM-Ateneo vs. Lyceum

April 27
12:00 PM-CSB vs. Arellano
2:00 PM-UPHSD vs. FEU
4:00 PM-NU vs. JRU

May 1
12:45 PM-EAC vs. Southwestern
2:45 PM-San Sebastian vs. UE
4:45 PM-FEU vs. NU

May 3
12:45 PM-NU vs. UPHSD
2:45 PM-UE vs. EAC
4:45 PM-Letran vs. San Sebastian

May 4
12:00 PM-CSB vs. JRU
2:00 PM-Southwestern vs. UST
4:00 PM-Arellano vs. Adamson

May 6
2:30 PM-Adamson vs. NU
4:30 PM-EAC vs. Letran

May 8
12:45 PM-UP vs. CSB
2:45 PM-Arellano vs. FEU
4:45 PM-UPHSD vs. JRU

May 10
2:30 PM-Lyceum vs. La Salle
4:30 PM-San Sebastian vs. UST

May 11
12:00 PM-UST vs. Letran
2:00 PM-NU vs. Arellano
4:00 PM-FEU vs. UP

May 15
12:45 PM-Adamson vs. JRU
2:45 PM-CSB vs. UPHSD
4:45 PM-UE vs. Letran

May 17
12:45 PM-Letran vs. Lyceum
2:45 PM-EAC vs. La Salle
4:45 PM-UP vs. NU

May 18
12:00 PM-Adamson vs. CSB
2:00 PM-UE vs. UST
4:00 PM-San Beda vs. FEU

May 22
12:45 PM-San Beda vs. Arellano
2:45 PM-UE vs. Lyceum
4:45 PM-EAC vs. San Sebastian

May 24
12:45 PM-UST vs. Lyceum
2:45 PM-Adamson vs. UP
4:45 PM-FEU vs. CSB

May 25
12:00 PM-Arellano vs. JRU
2:00 PM-UPHSD vs. San Beda
4:00 PM-La Salle vs. UE

May 27
12:00 PM-CSB vs. San Beda
2:00 PM-Lyceum vs. EAC
4:00 PM-Letran vs. La Salle

May 29
12:45 PM-San Sebastian vs. Lyceum
2:45 PM-UPHSD vs. Arellano
4:45 PM-JRU vs. UP

May 31
12:45 PM-JRU vs. FEU
2:45 PM-EAC vs. UST
4:45 PM-UP vs. UPHSD

June 1
2:00 PM-Adamson vs. San Beda
4:00 PM-Ateneo vs. La Salle

All the games will be held at the FilOil Flying V Arena in San Juan City. All the Saturday games except the 12:00 PM games and the nightcap on April 13 between Ateneo and Southwestern will be televised nationally on Studio 23. Schedule is subject to change without prior notice. Schedule changes will be updated here.

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